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104 Kim et al. (2019) Modeling Asian dust storms using WRF-Chem constrained by GOCI and MI satellite observations ............ Submitted
103 Choi et al (2019) Evaluation of black carbon and carbon monoxide emission inventory based on ........ Submitted
102 Choi et al (2019) Development of a cloud-screening algorithm for direct and diffuse AODs from the Skyradiometer Network Submitted
101 Lee et al. (2019) Development of an operational air quality prediction system in South Korea with................ Submitted
100 Oak et al (2019) Evaluation of simulated O3 production efficiency during the KORUS-AQ campaign: Implications for anthropogenic NOx emissions in Korea Submitted
99 Lee et al. (2019) Impacts of atmospheric vertical structures on transboundary aerosol transport from China to South Korea Scientific Reports (accepted)
98 Kim, J. et al (2019) New Era of Air Quality Monitoring from Space : Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer (GEMS) BAMS (accepted)
97 Jung et al. (2019) Contrasting synoptic weather patterns between non-dust high particulate matter events and Asian dust events in Seoul, South Korea Atmospheric Environment (Accepted)
96 Minjoong J. Kim, Sang-Wook Yeh, Rokjin J. Park, Seok-Woo Son, Byung-Kwon Moon, Byung-Gon Kim, Jae-Jin Kim, and Sang-Woo Kim (2019) Regional Arctic amplification by a fast atmospheric response to anthropogenic sulphate aerosol forcing in China JoC (Accepted)
95 Cho et al. (2019) Observation-based estimates of the mass absorption cross-section of black and Brown carbon and their contribution to aerosol light absorption in East Asia Atmospheric Environment, PDF