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150 Baek et al. (2022) Development of ANN-based algorithm to estimate wintertime sea ice temperature profile over the Arctic Ocean Submitted
149 Nam et al. (2022) Evaluation of Four Microphysical Schemes Simulating Arctic Low-Level Clouds Observed during ACLOUD Experiment Submitted
148 Fang et al. (2022) Haze tangles with biomass burning in....................... Submitted
147 Hong et al. (2022) On the increasing fluctuations of midlatitude winter temperature associated with the Arctic in t........... Submitted
146 Fang et al. (2022) Bridging the influences of sources and atmospheric bleaching on light-absorption of .............. Submitted
145 Shi et al. (2022) Estimation of winter snow depth, sea ice thickness and density, and ice freeboard by combining CryoSat-2, AVHRR, and AMSR measurements Submitted
144 Kang et al. (2022) Explicitly determined sea ice emissivity and emission temperature ..... Submitted
143 Do-Hyeon Park, Jeong Eun Kim, Jin-Soo Park, Jin-Soo Choi, and Sang-Woo Kim (2023.02) Impacts of the COVID-19 lockdown in China on new particle formation and particle number size distribution in three regional background sites in Asian continental outflow Science of the Total Environment , PDF
142 Seokwon Kang, Siyoung Choi, Jihee Ban, Kyunghoon Kim, Rahul Singh, Gyutae Park, Myeong-Bok Kim, Dong-Gil Yu, Joo-Ae Kim, Sang-Woo Kim, Moon-Soo Park, Cheol-Hee Kim, Meehye Lee, Gookyoung Heo, Yu-Woon Jang, Sang-Sub Ha, Taehyun Park, Taehyoung Lee (2022.11) Chemical characteristics and sources of PM2.5 in the urban environment of Seoul, Korea Atmospheric Pollution Research
141 Woosuk Choi, Chang-Hoi Ho, Jin-Woo Heo, Ka-Young Kim, Sang-Woo Kim, and Jinwon Kim (2022) Recent air quality deterioration on weekends in Seoul, South Korea: A focus on external contribution Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences,